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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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8 F I T 2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8 LINDSEY GILBERT What do you primarily do for exercise? "I kind of cross-train between lifting and running. I usually like to do half-marathons, and then I've been doing Tough Mudders. I'm doing a Tough Mudder in March. A Tough Mudder is an obstacle race typically held out in the country somewhere. The one that I do is 10 to 12 miles, with about 26 obstacles. They will dig ditches and fill it with water, get everything wet. It's obviously challenging to get traction doing it, but what's super-cool about it is the fact that they say at the beginning, 'It's not you against time. It's you against the course itself.' So they encourage you to, when you get to an obstacle, turn around and help the person behind you get up, and then you go. So it's all about teamwork and mental strength, especially going up and down the hills." Age 24, runner, master's student at the University of Louisville Do you train indoors or outdoors? "Mostly indoors, although I think I'm going to have to start training outdoors. The Tough Mudder deals a lot with grip strength, upper-body strength and, of course, distance running. I'm thinking I need to go run to the park and do the monkey bars for like an hour." What's your favorite healthy meal? "I'm really into smoothies. I will put frozen fruit and protein powder into my smoothies. I try to get whole-milk yogurt to get the good fats in there. But if we're talking dinner, I really like teriyaki chicken with broccoli. I love broccoli."

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