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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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F I T 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6 2 5 Independence. Our ability to make our own choices and do for ourselves is the cornerstone of our individuality. That's why one of the goals of Masonic Homes of Kentucky's rehabilitation program is to restore and preserve the independence of its patients. It's a message Mike Truax, senior vice president of therapy services for Masonic Homes, often relays. "You're living independently right now, and we realize giving up independence is one of or an older adult to do. So we want to keep you as independent as possible for as long as possible," says Truax. His message applies both to older adult residents and to short-stay rehab patients of any age. Masonic Homes provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services at the Sam Swope Care Center in Louisville and at the Masonic Home of Shelbyville. Each s a team of Masonic Homes' employed therapists and physicians, individualized therapy seven-days-a-week as appropriate and a fully functioning Activities of Daily Living apartment. Proactive Assessment = Early Intervention One way Masonic Homes helps preserve independence is by proactively screening residents for fall risk with the Biodex Balance System™ SD. The computerized system can be used for fall-risk assessment, postural stability, concussion management, orthopedic rehab and more. According to Truax, "The idea is to be able to keep the center of gravity, which patients can see on screen. They have to use righting responses and be able to self- correct. Based on the ability to do that, it assigns them a stability index score." Biodex's extensive database of normative data compares the patient's stability index score to others in the same age and height Masonic Homes of Kentucky Takes a Proactive Approach to Fall-Risk Assessment, Rehabilitation and Independence The Biodex Balance System ™ SD uses a dynamic plate system to objectively assess stability and balance and compare results to similar subjects in a normative database. The Biodex technology provides documented evaluation and data so the treatment team can pinpoint the cause of instability, make recommendations for individualized treatment and track progress over time. groups. In addition, the technology stores patient data to track progress over time. Patients are given a printed report of their results, which can also be sent to their physician upon the patient's consent. The data and its documentation help demonstrate need, progress and outcomes to improv . By detecting risk early, educating patients, and working with physicians to recommend next steps, Truax and his e early intervention rather than react to injury. In addition to identifying risk, the Biodex provides real-time information that can individualize treatment. "This is just one piece of the puzzle," says Truax. "When we're talking about balance, we're talking about multiple sensory issues — it could be sensation in the feet, vestibular, visual issues, muscle strength and coordination. With the help of the Biodex and other assessment tools, we can pinpoint specifcally where that resident is having those issues." The Biodex is available on an ongoing basis at the Sam Swope Care Center. It can also be transported to Masonic Homes' independent living facilities and other locations for periodic screening events. For more information, contact Truax at (502) 753-8868 or mtruax@ Special Advertising Section

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