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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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3 2 FIT 2014-2015 Special Advertising Section Over the last ten years, Linda McClellen has lost 188 pounds and kept the weight off. "It's been a struggle," she explains, arguing against the perception that the weight loss procedure LAP-BAND ® is an easy way out. Still, she's so satisfed with her choice that she whole-heartedly recommends LAP-BAND ® to her friends and many have had the procedure done as well. Linda's results are persuasive. The LAP-BAND ® System is reported to be the least invasive, safest and the only adjustable and reversible surgical weight loss option available in the United States. It helps achieve sustained weight loss by placing an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce its capacity. Linda describes very little downtime. In fact, she says since the surgery she just wants to go, go, go. "I get out on the dance foor now," she explained. "No more excuses!" Louisville Surgical Bariatric Associates Helped Linda McClellen Get Back Out on the Dance Floor Before After This summer when Linda and her husband celebrated their 50 th wedding anniversary in Cancun with a group of 18 family and friends, Linda walked around in a bathing suit. "I would have never done that before the surgery," she confessed. She also has plenty of energy to enjoy hobbies like working in the yard. Losing weight has improved Linda's health, general well being and quality of life. LAP-BAND ® was Linda's answer to weight loss, but she didn't do it alone. She credits ongoing support from her surgeon, Dr. Vince Lusco, the nurses and monthly meetings where she has received and shared countless resources with other LAP- BAND ® recipients. Visit to learn about upcoming seminars like the one Linda attended or call Louisville Surgical Bariatric Associates at (502) 366-1090. More than 2,600 Physicians & Dentists Listed by Speciality + R esouR ce G uide to Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Senior Living, Home Health Care & Support Groups + 7 L ocaL M edicaL s tudents & R esidents Discuss Their Field More than 2,600 Physicians & Dentists Listed by Speciality + R esouR ce G uide to Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Senior Living, Home Health Care & Support Groups + 7 L ocaL M edicaL s tudents & R esidents Discuss Their Field Health Guide 2013 2013 & R esouR ce D i R e c t o Ry GREATER LOUISVILLE Health Guide A S upplement to A U G U S T 2 0 1 2 $4.70 MED MEN BEST DOCS Fantasy Restaurant Draft Whiskey Row Resurrection Vinyl's New Grooves Breast Health Handbook 2013 INSIDE: PLUS: Journey to Paris A Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story and Photos Hope Scarves Sharing Scarves and Stories of Hope with Women Fighting Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Events Calendar A Supplement to 5 6 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.14 I n this special health , wellness, nutrition an d beauty section, local medical experts discuss emerging trends in our city. The personal training global ftness t rend extends to Louisville. Proformance 360's personal training facility brings together a series of ftness and wellness programs to educate, empower and promote positive change. A more local trend is t he low-impact barre class at branches of YMCA of Greater Louisville. Barre classes focus on gaining strength an d dynamic stability whi le maintaining the integrity of post ure. Other local developments include increasi ng options for weight loss. Many Louisvillians fed up with failed diets are successfully losing wei ght with the Health Management Resources (HMR) Decision Free ® diet program offered at the Floyd Memorial Weight Management Center and the surgical weigh t loss option LAP-BAND ® offered by Louisville Surgical Bariatric Associates. Revive Special Advertising Section Hometown folk ti ed down by chronic pain are exploring promising treatment op tions with Dr. Ajith Nair, M.D. of Kentuckiana Pain Speci alists. Others are improving self- esteem and reclaiming their youthful appearances from conditions like hair loss and facial redness du e to Rosacea. The Parsley Waldman Hair Center offers one of the most effective treatments for hair loss. Dr. Brad Cummins of RevitaLife MD treat s Rosacea with a new FDA-approved gel. Read on to learn abou t keeping your eyes heal thy at the Taustine Eye Center and maintaining health and wellness of the mouth, jaw and face with help from the Kentuckiana Oral an d Maxillofacial Surgery Associates. Find out how Dr. Archer at Fertility First/Reproductive Endocrine Services in creases fertility health. Follow a ftness trend or do you own thin g, but commit to making 2014 your healthiest year yet! ADVERTISING THAT SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO HEALTH-CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS FIT LOUISVILLE PUBLISHING MARCH 2015 THE SURGEONS PUBLISHING AUGUST 2014 BREAST HEALTH HANDBOOK PUBLISHING OCTOBER 2014 REVIVE PUBLISHING JANUARY 2015 CALL 625-0100 OR EMAIL ADVERTISING@LOUMAG.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION 24-41 AD.indd 32 2/20/14 2:33 PM

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