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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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FIT 2014-2015 1 3 RECOMMENDED MEDIA Describe the Mediterranean diet. "It's a plant-based, whole-food diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes. Most animal meats come from fsh sources. If you do eat meat, it should be grass-fed, which is not nearly as un- healthy as what comes out of supermarkets. Extra-virgin olive oil — that is key. No sugar or processed foods. If we all ate this way, the vast majority of us would be much better of." How much better of? "Patients can reverse type-2 diabetes, pain and infammation. Sugar is a very infammatory substance. We stress that with the right food we don't need medication; we can't overcome a bad diet with meds. We could probably eliminate 85 percent of common chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and even cancers, such as colon and breast. Tere would be no healthcare crisis at all." Where do genes come in? "We're all born with a genetic code. My father and others in my fam- ily have type-2 diabetes. I have those genes; it's just whether or not I switch those genes on. My father developed diabetes at 36. I'm 52 and don't have it. Te way we eat, live, exercise can infuence what genetics are expressed. Everything you eat either becomes part of you or inter- acts with you. I have patients write down everything they eat. Most people know this, but writing it down and looking at it helps to make a change." What exercise do you recommend? "Te American Heart Association recommends 45 minutes a day of aerobic exercise. Work to a point where you sweat, where you need to change your clothes afterward. And then also incorporate some sort of mind-body practice such as yoga or tai chi. Any exercise is better than none. Start where you are; do what you can. At the core: low stress, calmness, peace. We know chronic stress is harmful. Mind-body exer- cises help with depression, pain and anxiety." What supplements do you recommend? "I'm very careful about checking people for vitamin D, which is made in the skin through sunlight. It's highest in really oily fsh. Metformin can treat diabetes but can also cause a B-12 defciency. Beyond that, I take a multivitamin and magnesium. Magnesium is very important for all cellular activity. It can help with muscle aches — not always, but that's why I take it. We used to put a lot of emphasis on calcium, but that's fallen by the wayside. You can get plenty of calcium from veg- etables. I write a column for the Kentucky Standard. I recently said, 'You can't chase a double bacon cheeseburger with fsh-oil capsules.'" Where do you stand on alcohol? "A small amount is probably good for you and is a component of the Mediterranean diet. Two drinks for men and one for women, and then it begins to have negative impact. If you don't already drink, you shouldn't take up drinking." Deborah Ann Ballard M.D., M.P.H., KentuckyOne Primary Care What about organic foods? "I buy organic when I can get it. If you eat vegetables that aren't or- ganic, it's certainly better than not eating vegetables at all, but it's good to not have your food contaminated with pesticides." Should people look out for gluten and dairy and other intolerances? "I have a gluten sensitivity myself. I used to have terrible seasonal allergies, rashes and fatigue. It all just went away. Anytime someone has widespread pain, I suspect a food allergy or intolerance. I have patients do an elimination diet, take out the top 10 allergy foods, such as gluten, dairy, corn and soy. If symptoms get better, then you know it was one of those. Ten you add one in at a time. It is certainly worth exploring if you have ongoing issues. I tell patients they have nothing to lose except maybe fve pounds." What did you eat yesterday? "For breakfast I usually have berries — strawberries or raspberries or blueberries. I had two organic eggs with salsa and guacamole and soy milk. For lunch, an apple and hummus. Dinner was a spinach salad with chicken and vegetables and a cup of black-bean soup from Panera. When I'm craving something sweet I have dark-chocolate-covered almonds." The Art of Happiness (book). "I believe good health starts with healthy spirituality and a healthy self. If you're going to make changes in yourself, it starts in your heart and spirit." Forks Over Knives (movie). "Health doesn't come from a visit to a doctor's offce." Food, Inc. (movie). "After people learn, they're more encouraged." "The website has information on the Mediterranean diet and fantastic recipes." Dr. Ballard practices integrated medicine, which treats people holistically, looking at diet, exercise, spirituality and stress management. She is a certifed tai chi instructor and recommends the Mediterranean diet. She says her goal is to make patients well and get them of as many medications as possible. 1-17.indd 13 2/19/14 11:50 AM

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