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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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Latin & Greek 101 the DICTIONARY FOR DOCTORS Ever wonder what to expect at a nephrologists's ofÀce or bafÁed by a diagnosis of thrombocytopenia? ProÀciency in Latin and Greek etymology helps — they provide the root of most words used in medicine. However, if you skipped that class in school, here's a handy "CliffsNotes" introduction to medical terminology and vocabulary. 38 GREATER LOUISVILLE HEALTH GUIDE 2013-14 Cardio (Greek) — heart Cerebro (Latin) — portion of the brain Cranio (Greek) — skull Dactyl (Greek) — pertaining to a mnger or toe Derma (Greek) — skin Dorso/dorsi (Latin) — pertaining to the back Cholecyst (Greek) — pertaining to the gallbladder -ectomy (Greek) — removal of a body part Exo (Greek) — outside Faci (Latin) — pertaining to the face Gastro (Greek) — stomach Gingiv (Latin) — pertaining to the gums Hema/hemo (Greek) — blood Hepat (Greek) — pertaining to the liver Hist (Greek) — tissue Hyster (Greek) — pertaining to the uterus -icle (Latin) — small -isch (Greek) — restriction Lacrim (Latin) — tear Lacti/lacto (Latin) — milk -lepsy (Greek) — attack, seizure Lipo (Greek) — fat Megalo (Greek) — large Myel (Greek) — relating to bone marrow Myo (Greek) — muscle Myx (Greek) — mucus Narc (Greek) — numb, sleep Naso (Latin) — nose Necro (Greek) — death Neuro (Greek) — nerve Ophthalm (Greek) — pertaining to the eye Ortho (Greek) — straight, upright Osteo (Greek) — bone Oto (Greek) — relating to the ear Patho (Greek) — suffering, disease Phage (Greek) — pertaining to eating or ingestion Pneum (Greek) — pertaining to the lungs Psych (Greek) — pertaining to the mind Schizo (Greek) — split, double-sided Sclera (Greek) — hardness Systo (Greek) — bladder Thorac (Latin) — pertaining to the upper chest Thrombo (Greek) — clot Vascula (Latin — pertaining to blood vessels

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