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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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Kaitlin Shumate First-year medical student Have you decided on a specialty? I'm only in my second semester, so I still have a long way to go. Currently, I am just trying to shadow as many physicians as possible to mgure out what I like and what I don't. What was your worst day/grossest moment? Not much grosses me out at school, but I would have to say my worst week was at the end of the semester. As each class comes to an end, even if I'm well prepared, I always get nervous that something may happen causing me to not pass the class. Best day? The best day, by far, was the day I had to complete my emergency-room proctorship. It is a requirement that each mrst-year spend an eight-hour shift in the ER. I chose to do mine over winter break on a Friday night from 4 p.m. to midnight. I scheduled it then hoping to get the most out of the experience with a busy ER. I loved every second of it. Being a mrst-year, I spend almost all of my time in the classroom, so mnally getting a chance to be in a hospital was incredible. It was a great reality check, proving all of the hard work will be worth it in the end. How did you do with your Àrst cadaver? I really enjoyed gross anatomy. This class is a rite of passage in all medical schools, so I'm happy to have had the experience. You can't understand the workings of the human body without seeing it mrsthand. It was also a great experience for bonding with classmates. We spent so much time in the lab that I made lifelong friends in my lab partners. Did med school make you a hypochondriac? It has actually made me less of one. Now that I know more about medicine, I know when I am being irrational about a health concern. Personally, having a better understanding of how things work has made me much less concerned with getting sick. What specialty would you never do? I would never do a specialty with minimal patient interaction. One reason I enjoy medicine is because I love being around different kinds of people every single day. My career choice will have to involve a lot of patient encounters on a daily basis. How bad is the med-school sleep deprivation? Honestly, for mrst year, not too bad. I expected a lot worse and have been surprised with the amount of time outside of school I have. It's all about planning and balance. There are days when I have to go without sleep for a test, but it's not a regular thing. It is really all a matter of time management. Who or what made you want to become a doctor? For as long as I can remember, this has been the only profession that interested me. There are no physicians in my family, but my family encouraged me to do whatever I wanted. I always loved biology and science classes, so it seemed like a good mt. I am also a people person, so that led me away from research or other science-related professions. Once my interest was sparked, I began shadowing and fell in love with everything about medicine. I still can't get enough of spending time shadowing physicians. GREATER LOUISVILLE HEALTH GUIDE 2013-14 1 5

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