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Greater Louisville Health Guide is a directory and resource guide to health providers and services in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes listings of area doctors and dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and emergency care.

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David Gilbert Katie Huber Resident in family medicine Have you decided on a specialty? Why did you pick family medicine? I was looking for a specialty that would mt well with my personality. I get bored if I do the same thing over and over, so I knew I didn't want to overspecialize, but I did want the opportunity to do procedures. I also liked the potential to shape my practice by doing inpatient and outpatient as well as urgent care, but didn't like the idea of never having any continuity. So I guess I picked family medicine because I'm a little A.D.D.? What was your worst day/grossest moment? I would have to say my worst day was early on in my previous residency, which was in a different specialty, when I had three patients get very sick and/or "code" on me (suffer cardiopulmonary arrest) at essentially the same time. I was alone on call and at one point was literally holding a patient's heart in my hands in an ICU. Yeah, bad night. Best day? Occasionally a patient will stop me in a store or walking in the halls and thank me for encouraging them or listening or just being there. Always the highlight of my week. Is the Affordable Care Act good or bad for doctors? I think it's good that people were and still are talking seriously about health care in general and reform specimcally. It's a shame we can't seem to leave personal agendas and politics, from both sides, out of it. Did med school make you a hypochondriac? Let's just say I went over my own EKG more times than was strictly necessary. How bad is the med-school sleep deprivation? Nothing compared to the intern-year sleep deprivation. Do friends and family ask you to diagnose them? Not as often as I thought they would. Because of the type of friends I have, I'm more likely to get pictures of wounds followed by, "does this need stitches?" Who or what made you want to become a doctor? My family doctor when I was growing up was my mrst role model for medicine. No one else in my family had even gone to college. What do you do for your own health? Along with trying to keep an eye on the number of calories coming in with a smartphone app, I've started jogging with my wife and mixing more cardio in with more regular strength training. I was in martial arts for most of my life before med school, so I keep that up when I can. For mental health I work on cars, either alone or with my car club. The best thing I did after starting residency was make a group of friends that weren't in medicine to help keep me grounded. Fourth-year medical student I've chosen to pursue a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The specialty intrigues me because every case is unique. The various cases involve anatomy from head to toe, and the patient population includes everyone from infants to the elderly. The meld is rapidly evolving as new techniques and materials are constantly being developed. Plastic surgery will keep me on my toes intellectually and provide me the opportunity to heal my patients both inside and out. What was your worst day/grossest moment? 
 The grossest moments always involve revolting odors, accidental contact with a patient's bodily nuids, or both. Most of these incidents are better left to the imagination. Best day? 
 For me, the best days are spent in the O.R. There is nothing more gratifying than to participate in an operation. To be able to exhibit technical precision on a live patient — I've been practicing for months on inanimate objects — and have results that are satisfying to both my attending physicians and to the patient. How did you do with your Àrst cadaver? 
 To be honest, I didn't love him. He was cold, stiff and he smelled bad.  However, gross lab did serve to teach me human anatomy and it brought me closer to my classmates. Now I can appreciate how much easier it is to manipulate and identify tissue planes in a living body. 
Is the Affordable Care Act good or bad for doctors? I think the point is that it's better for patients. Some physicians will certainly take a hit, but others who already care for a largely uninsured population may mnd themselves being better reimbursed for the care they provide. Did med school make you a hypochondriac? 
 At times, yes. Learning about infectious diseases made me question every little symptom I had: Was that cough the mrst sign of tuberculosis? Eventually I managed to suppress the hypochondria and remind myself my little coughs and aches are probably just due to a virus. That said, I'm still not convinced I don't have a horseshoe kidney. How bad is the med-school sleep deprivation? 
 Some rotations are worse than others. Those that require overnight call, like trauma surgery and labor and delivery can certainly leave you yearning for your bed. After a long call night, the biggest challenge is sitting through a long lecture in a dark room without falling asleep.  Do friends and family ask you to diagnose them? 
 Interestingly, my friends who know I aspire to be a plastic surgeon have already undergone brief "consultations" and requested future cosmetic surgery dates with me. What do you do for your own health? I work out four to mve days a week. I alternate cardio, weight training and yoga. I also try to eat a balanced diet and maintain my mental health by spending leisure time with friends and family. It's all easier said than done (especially after a long day), and I'm not perfect, but I try to subscribe to the same healthy lifestyle I encourage in my patients. GREATER LOUISVILLE HEALTH GUIDE 2013-14 1 3

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